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Glass Jar With Lid and Spoon

Glass jar with lid and spoon comes with an airtight lid, which ensures food freshness and long-term storage by sealing. Airtight glass jars will protect food from air and moisture so it doesn’t spoil.

Glass Jar With Bamboo Lid And Spoon Wholesale

Model Number: YF-GSJ06

Specification: 8oz 16oz

Shape: Round

Lid: Bamboo Lid + Silicone Pad

Color: Clear

Material: Borosilaicate Glass

Kitchen storage jars include an airtight glass container and a natural wooden spoon. The versatile glass jar makes it perfect for nearly everything in the kitchen and pantry, including flour, cookies, snacks, pasta, coffee, rice, beans, sugar, loose tea, and cereal.

These clear glass containers allow for better organization and storage to keep your kitchen or cabinets tidy.

Glass Jar With Lid and Spoon Features

Round glass jar with lid and spoon adopts High borosilicate glass material. Glass storage containers are scratch and stain resistant.

The glass jar for storage can withstand high and low temperatures, and the temperature range of the material is -20°C to 150°C.

The clear glass container features a flat top and bottom design, and it can also be stacked to take advantage of vertical space. Glass jar with lid and spoon has a simple structure, an open design, and easy to clean the container thoroughly.

Glass jars with Lid and Spoon Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a professional glass jar manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass jars with lids and spoons in different shapes and sizes.

They are the perfect accessory for the home, kitchen, restaurant, or coffee shop. Glass airtight storage jars store dry ingredients like flour, sugar, seasonings, spices, seeds and grains, herbs and more.

The kitchen storage container is made of transparent high-grade glass, which is durable and safe to use. The airtight wooden lid has a silicone seal. The airtight wooden lid keeps moisture, mold, dust, and other contaminants out. It has a good sealing effect so that the food will stay fresher for a longer time.

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