Magnetic Glass Teapot

The magnetic glass teapot is a semi-automatic teapot. It is made of clear borosilicate glass for excellent heat resistance and durability. The semi-automatic glass teapot uses magnetic water absorption, and the handle magnetically absorbs the steel ball to open the water filter hole, so that the water flow is smooth.

Glass Teapot With Cups

Model Number: YF-GJ06

Capacity: 350ml+300ml

Material: Glass

Color: Clear

Shape: Round

Size: 15*26cm

Glass Clear Teapot
Clear Glass Teapot With Removable Infuser

The borosilicate glass teapot is an ideal tea set for kung fu tea. The semi-automatic glass teapot is elegant in shape, crystal clear, and the soup color is unobstructed. This magnetic glass pitcher can produce water in one second, and the water is like a column, and it is not hot.

Magnetic Glass Teapot Features

Magnetic Glass Teapot with Stand
Glass Tea Set Coffee Set
  • This magnetic glass teapot set includes borosilicate glass teapot, glass lid, stainless steel filter and glass holder. 
  • The teapot has a capacity of 300ml and the shared teacup has a capacity of 350ml.
  • This magnetic glass teapot has a stainless steel filter, which can effectively filter the tea residue without absorbing the tea smell. 
  • The glass teapot is designed with a drip-proof spout and ergonomic handle for a secure grip and easy pouring.
Magnetic Glass Tea Pot
Glass Teapot Set

Magnetic Glass Teapot Set Supplier

Yafu Glass is a glassware manufacturer, we offer magnetic glass teapots in different shapes. The built-in magnet at the end of the glass cup handle is close to the bottom of the glass tea pot, and the teapot above will automatically dispense water.

This teapot is a unique and beautiful gift. Glass teapot with a detachable infuser, magnetic absorption, convenient and quick, and perfect for enjoying scented tea, loose-leaf tea, tea bags, and fruit tea.

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