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Glass Reed Diffuser Bottles With Caps

The diffuser bottles with caps are made of glass and are durable. Glass diffuser bottles are used with aromatherapy oils, reeds, perfumes, and they create a fresh and soothing environment for the home or office.

Black Glass Diffuser Bottle

Model Number: YF-DB01

Capacity: 100ml

Color: White, Black

Material: Glass

Shape: Round

Cap: Screw Cap

This 100ml glass diffuser bottle has a smooth finish, flawless finish, and a good seal. Thickened threaded bottom, durable, stable and not easy to slip. The glass bottle body is thickened and the workmanship is strict. The wooden bottle cap has a beautiful design with a screw cap.

You can pour your favorite reed diffuser oil into an empty glass diffuser bottle, and match it with a fiber stick to create a unique aromatherapy oil diffuser.

The pore distribution of the fiber rod is uniform, the water absorption is strong, the water storage capacity is large, and the volatility is stable. By adding branches, the aroma can be controlled to the desired intensity.

Glass Diffuser Bottles With Caps Supplier

Yafu Glass is a glass bottles and glass jar manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass diffuser bottles with caps in different shapes. The transparent glass bottle can be frosted, and the color can be customized, such as Pink Diffuser Bottle, Blue Reed Diffuser Bottle, or Purple Reed Diffuser Bottle.

The Frosted Glass Reed Diffuser is a great decorative bottle. Put the reed stick into the reed aromatherapy bottle, wet the whole aromatherapy stick, and the fragrance of the essential oil will evaporate through these porous aromatherapy sticks.

Black and white glass diffuser bottles with caps are very classic fragrance diffusers, and they are great gifts for family and friends. They complement any home decor style. Beautiful glass reed diffuser bottles with fiber rods can be placed in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, or hallway.

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