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Wine Decanter

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Crystal Red Wine Decanter

Model Number: YF-GWD01

Type: Wine Carafe

Capacity: 1200ml

Colour: Clear

Shape: Long Neck

Surface Handling: Decal

Usage: Beverage Packaging

The capacity of the crystal red wine decanter is 1200ml. A decanter, also known as a wine carafe, is a vessel used for drinking freshly fermented wine.

Its function is to let the wine come into contact with the air, so that the aroma of the wine can be fully volatilized, and the sediment in the wine can be separated. The glass decanter shape is generally a long neck and a big belly.

Whiskey Decanter
Glass Wine Decanter

Advantages of Crystal Decanter

  • Use for a long time.
  • Good quality, a strong sense of thickness.
  • It is not easy to break and is safer.
Crystal Decanter
Best Wine Decanter

How to Use the Wine Decanter?

1.Place the red wine to be decanted upright and let it stand for a while.

2. Usually, when pouring red wine, it is best to let the wine collide with the inner wall, which can increase the contact area between the wine and oxygen. Put a filter over the decanter to stop sediment from getting into the decanter.

3. When there is not much wine left in the bottle, and there is a lot of sediment accumulated at the neck of the bottle, stop pouring the wine

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