Glass Storage Bottles

The glass storage bottles are used for food and spice packaging. Available capacities are 180ml, 550ml, 750ml, 1100ml, 1500ml, 2000ml, 3000ml, 4000ml.

Glass Storage Bottles in Bulk

Model Number: YF-GJ01

Capacity: 500ml 750ml 1L 1.5L

Material: Glass

Color: Clear

Shape: Round

Glass Storage Bottles with Lids Wholesale
Glass Storage Jars With Glass Lids Wholesale

The glass storage jar has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, good sealing effect, firmness and durability. This glass airtight jar can store snacks, dried fruit, tea and more.

Glass Storage Bottle Component

The glass-sealed storage jar comprises a tank body and a tank cover, a circumferential groove is arranged on the joint surface of the cover and the bottle body, and a sealing ring is arranged on the circumferential groove. 

Glass Cookie Jar With Sealed Lid
Glass Container With Sealed Lid
Glass Jar With Sealed Lid

Glass Jar Sealing Accessories

The lower opening of the sealing ring is provided with a hook that matches with the lower opening of the can lid. The bottom hook can make the sealing ring installed firmly, not deformed, and prevent the hand from being scratched by the cover.

The rubber ring is placed under the upper cover and is in contact with the mouth of the glass jar. When the button cap is closed, the rubber ring will fit completely with the mouth of the glass bottle. The food in the bottle will not come into contact with the outside world, ensuring the safety of the ingredients.

Glass Jar With Lid For Pickles
Glass Storage Bottle with Sealed Lid

Glass Storage Bottles Features​

  • The glass sealed jar is corrosion-resistant and has no odor, which can make the items not smell each other.
  • Excellent for keeping food dry and fresh.
  • The transparent sealing lid of the color can make the stored items more intuitive and more convenient to use.
  • Elegant and compact, easy to carry.
Clear Glass Canisters With Sealed Lids
Glass Jars With Lids for Storage

Glass Storage Bottles and Jars Supplier

Yafu Glass offers a wide variety of glass storage bottles and jars for food packaging. Our glass bottles are made of food-grade materials with thick inner wall design. Glass jars are strong and durable, not easy to break, and can be stored in cereals, snacks, and tea.

Food glass bottles are designed with heat-resistant glass. It has excellent properties such as low expansion, thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and is safe and non-toxic. Large-caliber design, easy to clean, recyclable, very environmentally friendly.

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