Red Wine Glass Decanter

The red wine glass decanter is hand-blown with lead-free crystal glass. The glass bottle is beautifully shaped and can hold 1500ML red wine. This glass decanter has multiple functions, it can decant, filter and pour wine. When pouring wine, the double-layer filter will help filter out impurities.

Antique Red Glass Decanter

Model Number: YF-GWD07

Capacity: 1500ml

Color: Clear

Material: Glass

Size: 21*26cm

Crystal Red Wine Decanter
Personalised Red Wine Decanter

This glass decanter has a high-density mesh filter port, which can filter out the impurities and cork residues formed by the precipitation of red wine for many years, and restore the authentic taste of red wine. 

Red Wine Glass Decanter Features

Red Wine Decanter
Modern Red Wine Glass Decanter
  • The wine decanter adopts a modern and stylish design.
  • The glass decanter stopper is made of food-grade stainless steel and silicone, easy to clean.
  • It adopts the latest waterfall pouring design, which creates a shocking vision of waterfall diversion, accelerates the full contact between red wine and air, and makes the taste of red wine smooth and delicious.

Wine Glass Decanters Wholesale

Modern Red Wine Decanter

Yafu Glass offers wholesale red wine glass decanters in different shapes. They are classic decanters made of 100% high-quality lead-free crystal and have a stopper with an elegant waterfall neck design.

The exquisite decanter diffuses the wine liquid along the entire cup body 360 degrees, greatly increasing the contact area between the wine and the air, and achieving a completely sobering effect.

After being stored in an airtight glass wine bottle, wine needs to breathe. Pour red wine into our glass decanter to release its natural aromas and flavors for an even better taste.

Our crystal red wine glass decanter is easy to pour with an angled spout that eliminates wine spots and drips. As the wine is poured, it reaches the widest diameter of the glass decanter for maximum aeration.

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