Hand Blown Decanter

The hand blown decanter is made of crystal glass, with a unique shape and smooth curves. The belly glass decanter has more texture, it can oxygenate the components in the wine and release more aromatic flavors. This hand-blown decanter is shaped like a scorpion, making it easy to hold.

Handmade Decanter

Model Number: YF-GWD06

Capacity: 1200ml

Material: Glass

Shape: Scorpion Shape

Color: Clear

Glass Decanter For Sale
Hand Blown Glass Wine Decanter

The pot-bellied glass container has enough room for 1200ml of wine. This is the perfect crystal wine decanter for home, bar, restaurant, and hotel use. The hand blown decanter is easy to clean. Slowly pour cleaning beads and some warm water into the decanter, swirl gently until clean, then wipe with a dry cloth.

Hand Blown Decanter Features

Handmade Wine Decanter
Wine Decanter Hand Blown
  • This crystal carafe is lead-free and hand-blown, making it much harder than ordinary glass.
  • The spout adopts a cold-cutting process, which is smooth and flat.
  • The thick base is durable and safe for countertops.

Hand Blown Glass Decanters Wholesale

Custom Wine Decanter
Personalised Crystal Decanter

Yafu Glass is a professional glassware manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass wine decanters in different shapes. To reveal a wine to its full potential, it needs to be served in a decanter rather than a glass bottle. The glass decanter allows it to full contact with oxygen.

These crystal glass decanters are specially designed for aromatic red wine, the big belly increases the mixing of wine and air, allowing the aroma of the wine to fully diffuse and separating the sediment from the wine.

Mature old wines don’t need much oxidation. Slowly pour the wine from the glass wine decanter into a hand blown decanter. It is easy to remove the sediment in the wine, and the wine will be as fresh as new wine.

For young red wines, using a decanter can speed up the aging process. A hand blown glass wine decanter with a wide base exposes the wine to a large amount of oxygen. When the botanical aromas blend harmoniously with the floral aromas, the acidity that is common in most young wines is reduced.

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