Gradient Black Glass Cosmetic Packaging

The black glass cosmetic packaging adopts a square bottle design, and the gradient black glass body and gold rim cap makes the glass cosmetic bottle look beautiful and high-end. The black lid and the glass bottle are integrated into one body, like splashes of ink pouring down from a high place. It is mysterious and dangerous, attracting people to want to find out.

Black Glass Cosmetic Packaging Bottles

Model Number: YF-CBS08

Capacity: 30g, 50g, 40ml, 100ml, 120ml

Material: Glass

Color: Black, Blue

Shape: Square

Size: D4*17cm, D4*15cm, D3.6*14cm, D6.4*5cm, D5.8*4.7cm

Our black glass cosmetic packaging bottle set includes 40ml glass spray bottle, 100ml glass lotion bottle, 120ml glass bottle with pump, 30g and 50g glass cream jar.

Gradient Black Glass Cosmetic Bottles
Gradient Black Glass Cosmetic Packaging

These empty square glass bottles with sprayers can be used to store perfume, essential oils, toners, makeup, liquid mixtures, and more.

Empty glass cosmetic jars are designed with interior lining and domed lids to prevent leaks and spills. Glass jars are perfect for face creams, clay masks, eye creams, body scrubs, blushes, powders and other body care products and cosmetics.

Gradient Black Glass Cosmetic Bottles
Black Glass Cosmetic Containers

The empty glass cosmetic bottles are made of thick glass and aluminum top. The unique gradient black color can instantly catch people’s attention. Gradient colors can make the glass bottle more radiant, enrich the color tones, and enhance people’s aesthetic level.

Black Glass Cosmetic Packaging Features

Gradient Blue Glass Cosmetic Bottles
Black Glass Cosmetic Jar
Black Glass Cosmetic Bottle Set
  • Cosmetic packaging bottles and jars are made of glass, which is environmentally friendly, sturdy, safe and durable, odorless and non-toxic.
  • The square glass bottle has a simple appearance and is equipped with a black lid, which is high-end and beautiful.
  • The glass bottle mouth adopts a spiral design and can be used with various spray and lotion pump heads, so there is no need to worry about the contents spilling.
  • The black glass cosmetic packaging bottles are widely used in dispensing cosmetics, such as essential oils, shampoos, shower gels, lotions, massage oils and other skin care products.

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