Square Glass Perfume Bottles

The square glass perfume bottles have a capacity of 50ml. The empty perfume bottle is made of high-quality thick glass for durable use. Colorful thick square glass perfume bottles have a high-end appearance and stylish design. They’re perfect for storing perfume, cologne, aftershave, makeup remover, and more.

Square Glass Perfume Bottle

Model Number: YF-PGB21

Capacity: 50ml

Color: Red, Blue, Black, Orange

Shape: Square

Size: 41*98mm

50Ml Perfume Bottle Wholesale
Best Square Glass Perfume Bottles

A 50ml square glass spray bottle is portable and refillable. Each glass bottle comes with a shiny silver metallic fine mist sprayer and a stylish matching cap. A plastic straw extends to the bottom of the bottle, ensuring access to every last drop of contents.

Square Glass Perfume Bottles Features

50ml Clear Glass Perfume Bottles
  • We have square glass perfume bottles in various colors. 
  • The glass perfume bottle features a bayonet closure to prevent leaks. 
  • The nozzle fits snugly, so don’t worry about it leaking.
  • The pump head adopts anodized aluminum fine sprayer, and the water mist is fine. 
  • The high-atomization nozzle is released at the touch of a button, and the spray area is wide. 
  • The delicate square cap protects against dust and water.
50ml Colored Glass Perfume Bottles
Blue Glass Perfume Bottle

Square Glass Perfume Bottles Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a professional glass bottle manufacturer, we offer wholesale square glass perfume bottles in different colors. We can customize the logo or color of the perfume bottle according to the needs of customers.

50ml Clear Glass Perfume Bottles
Colored Square Glass Perfume Bottles

The glass bottle is the most suitable container for perfume, because it will not react with perfume and it is easier to lock the fragrance. Yafu glass perfume bottles factory is lived in located in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. We can provide different kinds of glass bottles according to customers’ needs, such as white crystalline material, high white material, flat bottom material, and colored material products.

In addition, Yafu Glass also provides various packaging decorations, such as screen printing, heat pressing, polishing, coating, laser, metallization, etc., so as to meet the individual needs of international customers.

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