Lotion Pump Bottle

The lotion pump bottle is mainly used in bottles for lotion cosmetic packaging. Our lotion glass bottle colors are mainly white, transparent, blue, black, and amber. We have glass lotion pump bottles with two capacities of 250ml and 500ml, and provide various styles of pump heads.

Glas Lotion Pump Bottle

Model Number: YF-LB01

Capacity: 250ml 500ml

Shape: Round

Color: Clear, white, blue, amber, black

Material: Glass

Sealing Type: PUMP SPRAYER

Glass Pump Bottles for Lotion
Dark Glass Lotion Bottles

Glass Lotion Pump Bottle Features

  • The glass bottle adopts a Boston bottle shape, and the lines are comfortable to the touch.
  • The bottle mouth is round and smooth, and the threaded bottle mouth is suitable for various styles of lids, providing a stronger seal.
  • The thickened bottom of the bottle is designed with texture, which is non-slip and more stable.
  • Glass bottle with pump is suitable for hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, lotion, etc.
Glass Bottles with Pump for Lotion
Glass Bottles for Lotion

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