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Lotion Pump Bottle

The lotion pump bottle is mainly used in bottles for lotion cosmetic packaging. It adopts plastic material. Our lotion glass bottle colors are mainly white, transparent, blue, black, and amber. Of course, customers can also customize other colors.

Lotion Pump Bottle

Model Number: YF-2021102901L1

Capacity: 250ml 500ml

Shape: Cylinder

Color: Clear, white, blue, amber, black

Plastic Type: PET/ PP

Sealing Type: PUMP SPRAYER

Lotion Pump Bottle Plastic Bottles Features

1. Compared with glass products, plastic bottles have a lower density, lighter weight, adjustable transparency, are not easy to break, are convenient for storage and transportation, and are convenient for consumers to carry and use.

2. Plastic bottles have good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, and have high mechanical strength, easy to shape, and low production loss.

3. Plastic products are easy to color, and colors can be adjusted according to needs, which is easier to achieve packaging design requirements.

4. Compared with glass lotion bottle, the cost of plastic lotion pump bottle will be relatively low.

Lotion Pump Bottle
Lotion Pump Bottle Plastic Bottles

Disadvantages of Plastic Bottles Packaging

1. Plastic materials are prone to chemical reactions with cosmetics, which can easily cause cosmetic deterioration.

2. Plastic bottles are prone to static electricity and the surface is easily polluted.

3. Plastic packaging containers are not environmentally friendly, and discarded items will cause environmental pollution.

4. The overall appearance of plastic packaging containers is relatively cheap, and it is not suitable for high-end routes.

Lotion Bottle
Lotion Bottle

Cosmetic Glass Packaging

Yafu Glass mainly provides glass bottles for cosmetic packaging.

Considering the cost, storage and transportation, and design performance, cosmetic packaging is more inclined to choose plastic bottles.

Considering the stable quality, product appearance, and product grade, especially for high-end cosmetics, corporate brands can prefer glass bottles.

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