Face Cream Bottle

Yafu Glass is a professional manufacturer of glass face cream bottle, providing various specifications of glass cream bottle products. This face cream jar is transparent, the capacity is 15g, 20g, 30g, and 50g. It is widely used in cosmetic packaging.

Bottle For Cream

Model Number: YF-GCJ02

Material: Glass

Volume: 15g/20g/30g/50g

Color: Transparent

Shape: Square

Sealing Type: Screw

Usage: Eye Cream, Face Cream

Body Cream Jar
White Cream Bottle

Advantages of Glass Face Cream Bottle

The glass material does not produce toxic substances and is healthier.

The glass face cream bottle is easy to seal, good air tightness, transparent, and the condition of the contents can be observed from the outside.

The glass material is more textured than other packaging and can better reflect the grade of the product. Especially for high-end cosmetics, it is undoubtedly the best packaging.

Packaging Bottle For Cream
Cream Empty Bottle

Cosmetic Glass Packaging

The cosmetic bottle packaging is different from other packaging markets. It is not very sensitive to packaging costs. On the contrary, it pays more attention to the appearance of cosmetic bottles and the temperament it conveys. This aspect is more popular among cosmetic manufacturers and consumers.

With the development of the cosmetics market, more and more cosmetics companies want to make efforts in the high-end market. In such a market environment, the packaging advantages of glass cosmetic bottles are much higher than those of plastic cosmetic bottles.

As a traditional packaging form, glass cosmetic bottles are more conducive to glass cosmetic bottles, whether it is the inherent filling line of the manufacturer or the usage habits of consumers.

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