Glass Milk Bottle With Lid

Glass Milk Bottle With Lid is durable, made of high-quality glass, and easy to clean in the dishwasher. It adopts a comfortable sip. The capacity of these glass bottles is 150ml, 300ml, 350ml, and 500ml. The Boston round glass milk bottle with lid is reusable. 

250ml milk bottle

Model Number: YF-GMB04

Capacity: 150ML, 300ML, 350ML, 500ML

Color: Clear, Frosted

Shape: Round

Size: 5*11.6cm, 6*14cm, 6.5*15cm, 7.5*16.2cm

Glass Container For Juice
Glass Milk Bottles With Screw Lids

The clear round glass milk bottle with lid has rounded shoulders and a rounded bottom, and the chunky body is easy to label, making it very popular in personal care packaging. We offer Boston round glass bottles in different sizes, the tight sealing lid is easy to open and close. 

Our glass bottles with lids can hold juices, milk, wine, beer, perfume oils, potions, and other liquids. The glass milk bottle with a gold-tight metal cap keeps the contents fresh and is perfect for storage. 

Glass Milk Bottle With Lid Features

Empty Glass Milk Bottles
250ml milk bottle
  • These bottles have a small mouth and are very comfortable to drink.
  • The bottom of the glass bottle is thickened with anti-slip threads, which can be placed on the table firmly.
  • The Boston round glass bottle is characterized by its cylindrical shape, short curved shoulders, and absence of handles. 
  • The top of the bottle is threaded to fit the screw cap. These metal caps are designed to fit every bottle of every size.

Glass Milk Juice Bottles Wholesale

Milk Bottle Glass With Lid
Glass Milk Bottles With Metal Lids

Yafu Glass is a professional glass bottle manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass milk bottles with lids in different colors. Glass bottle colors are available in frosted and non-frosted options, including amber, blue, clear, white, green, and more. We also offer different color lids for glass bottles.

These glass bottles are mainly made of thick glass with a smooth surface, comfortable to the touch, and not easy to break or deform. These small-mouth glass bottles are versatile and are used to store many types of beverages including fresh milk, nut milk, freshly squeezed juice, smoothies, and water.

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