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Glass Lotion Bottle

The glass lotion bottle is made of frosted glass material and is an empty refillable lotion bottle. The capacity is 50ml, 60ml for your choice. Used for packaging essential oils, perfumes, lotions or other cosmetics.

Clear Glass Lotion Bottles

Model Number: YF-202108241548

Capacity: 50ml 60ml

Color: Clear

Material: Frosted Glass

Shape: Round

Printing: Customized Silkscreen Print

The glass lotion bottle has the characteristics of hazy feeling, anti-skid, durable, shock-proof and leak-proof. A frosted glass container would be the perfect addition to your makeup bag. The transparent cover ensures that your product is free of bacteria and avoids air oxidation.

Frosted Lotion Bottle
Frosted Glass Lotion Bottle

This lotion bottle is made of high-quality translucent frosted glass, odor-free, BPA-free, safe and healthy, beautiful and delicate. The pump head is made of aluminum alloy and plastic, which is different from other ordinary lotion bottles and has a unique and beautiful appearance.

Glass Lotion Bottle Wholesale

Yafu Glass offer glass bottles and different caps for lotion packaging. Glass bottles can be reused and refilled. It is great for filling serums, lotions, moisturizers, makeup, and other skin care products.

Body Lotion Glass Bottle
Clear Lotion Bottles

Our glass lotion bottles are super high quality and comfortable to handle, perfect for filling high-end makeup. The mouth of the glass bottle is sealed with a screw, and the sealing performance is good. The glass bottle with pump is great for storing lotions, foundations, serums, face creams, moisturizers, shampoos, body washes, body lotions, conditioners and other toiletries.

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