Empty Nail Polish Bottles

Empty nail polish bottles are usually composed of a bottle body and a cover with a brush set. The brush is composed of a brush rod and a brush head fixed on the cover. 

Model Number: YF-NPB01

Capacity: 7ml, 10ml

Color: Clear

Shape: Square

Surface Handling: Hot Stamping

Glass nail polish bottles are essential cosmetic bottles, and are more premium than plastic ones. In this model of nail polish bottle, our capacity is 7ml and 10ml.

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Empty Nail Polish Bottle

Custom Nail Polish Bottles

The square glass nail polish bottle can be customized with LOGO, printed according to the design pattern, sprayed and processed according to the sample.

Small Nail Polish Bottles
Glass Nail Polish Bottles

Yafu Glass has several styles of glass bottles with different caps. The bottle can be processed such as: spray color, bronzing, hot silver, electroplating, silk screen printing, silk screen printing, roasting and other processes.

How to Use Empty Nail Polish Bottles

Fill the empty bottle with nail polish. When using, unscrew the cap to lift the brush out of the bottle. At this point, the brush head is covered with nail polish and you can apply it to your nails. Since the brush head is smaller, there is less nail polish per coat, so you need to dip the nail polish into the bottle from time to time when applying.

Custom Nail Polish Bottles
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