How to Choose the Colored Glass Bottles

As a common form of packaging, colored glass bottles are widely used in product packaging, such as medicines, essential oils, beer, wine, and spirits. Glass bottles come in many different colors, five colors of glass are more commonly used in product packaging: amber, blue, green, frosted and clear glass bottles.

In addition to the visual impact, these five different colored glass bottles have different effects on the blocking ability of ultraviolet and visible light.

Effect of Colored Glass Bottle Selection on Light Blockage

Amber Glass Bottles

Colored Glass Bottles

Amber or dark brown glass bottles are the best choice for absorbing and blocking UV radiation. They are often used to protect products that are prone to deterioration or fading when exposed to light.

Most breweries use amber bottles for packaging. Because beer can become cloudy and stratified once exposed to UV rays, the taste can also change dramatically. If the hop content in the beer is high, UV rays may also react with the hops, affecting the quality of the beer.

Pharmaceutical companies and essential oil product manufacturers tend to use amber glass bottle packaging, including amber glass dropper bottles, and amber glass roller bottles.

Blue Glass Bottles

Cobalt Blue Glass Dropper Bottles

Like amber glass bottles, blue glass provides a moderate level of product protection by absorbing UV light. But they let some blue light pass through and are less protective than amber glass bottles.

However, cobalt blue glass bottles are still widely used. This is because it gives products a unique and sophisticated look while providing adequate UV protection.

Because essential oils are particularly volatile, they are particularly sensitive to factors, such as temperature, light, dryness, and humidity. Essential oils are usually stored in small dark glass bottles, such as dark blue, dark green, or dark brown glass bottles. They prevent sunlight and oxygen from penetrating, so that essential oils are less likely to evaporate and deteriorate.

Green Glass Bottles

Green Olive Oil Bottles

Compared to amber glass bottles, green glass bottles offer relatively limited UV protection. However, its blocking of visible light still has a certain effect. Green glass bottles are often used for wine packaging. Because they have a certain barrier to visible light, they can also hide the sediment produced during the aging process.

In addition, green glass bottles are cheaper, more readily available, and provide more UV protection than clear glass bottles.

Olive oil is also often packaged in dark green glass bottles. Because olive oil contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids and olive polyphenols, these components are very sensitive to temperature, light, and oxygen. The dark green olive oil glass bottles can effectively block light and are paired with a tight screw cap to better isolate oxygen.

Frosted Glass Bottles

Frosted Glass Lotion Bottles Wholesale

Frosted glass bottles are widely used as cosmetic bottles, perfume bottles, and wine bottle packaging. Frosted glass can easily enhance the texture of products and create a luxurious aesthetic that cannot be achieved with colored glass. Although frosted glass can block the penetration of some visible light, it cannot block ultraviolet rays.

Clear Glass Bottles

Clear glass bottles offer little protection against UV radiation and visible light, so they are often used for items that are not affected by light. Transparent glass bottles have a strong display effect on products, and are suitable for products such as juice, cold brew coffee, milk, or ice wine.

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