Why are Pickles in Glass Jars?

Why are pickles in glass jars? Glass jars with sealed lids have very good chemical stability, easy sealing, and good air tightness. The transparent jar allows you to observe the pickle inside the glass jar from the outside.

The glass jar has good storage performance and a smooth surface, which is convenient for disinfection and sterilization. Glass jars for pickles have a variety of shapes, and beautiful, colorful decorations. The food glass jar has a certain mechanical strength, which can withstand the pressure inside the jar and the external force during transportation.

Glass Jars for Pickles

How to Choose Glass Jars for Pickles

Pickles in glass jars do not produce toxins if the normal pickling process is followed. Because glass bottles rarely interact with other chemicals. Glass jars are the best containers for pickles.

When choosing a glass jar for pickling kimchi, we should choose one with a larger volume and a thicker shape.

In addition, when using glass jars of pickles, we should pay attention to the sealing of the jars. When buying glass jars, we can choose jars with strong sealing.

Tips for Pickles in Glass Jars

When using a glass jar for pickles, it’s important to clean and disinfect the jar beforehand, and wipe the surface of the jar dry after cleaning.

When picking vegetables in glass jars, be careful not to put the glass in a sunny place. Keep it dry and out of light. The mouth of the glass jar should be sealed, preferably with multiple layers of plastic sheeting.

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