Colored Glass Bottles

Colored glass bottles are glass bottles that appear in different colors when colored colorants are added. Colored glass bottles absorb the sun’s visible light, reducing its intensity.

Colored glass is the addition of colorant in ordinary glass, the amount of coloring dose, melting time and melting temperature will affect the firing color of different degrees. Colloid colorants, such as gold, silver, copper, selenium, sulfur, etc., are used to make smaller particles suspended in the glass body to make the glass colored. Flux is added to any coloring agent during the firing process.

How to Decorate Colored Glass Bottles

Yafu Glass Factory not only produces clear glass bottles, but also provides wholesale glass bottles of various colors. Our colored glass bottles are widely used in daily life.

Glass Bottles Factory

Our colored glass bottle spraying production line is composed of spray room, hanging chain and oven. As for the quality of the bottle spraying, it is related to the water treatment, the surface cleaning of the workpiece, the electrical conductivity of the hook, the size of the gas, the amount of powder spraying and the level of the operator.

Preprocessing segment

The pre-treatment section of glass bottle spraying includes pre-stripping, main stripping, surface adjustment, etc. The temperature of the main part should not be too low. It needs to be kept warm.

Preheating stage

After pre-treatment, it is necessary to enter the preheating section, which generally takes 8 to 10 minutes. The glass bottle should have a certain amount of residual heat when it arrives at the powder spraying chamber to increase the adhesion of the powder.

Glass bottle blowing ash purification section

This section is essential if the process requirements of the sprayed workpiece are relatively high. Otherwise, if there is a lot of dust adsorption on the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece after processing will have a lot of particles, so the quality is reduced.

Drying out section

This section should pay attention to the temperature and baking time, powder generally 180 ~ 200 degrees is the best, depending on the material of the workpiece. There are drying furnaces from the powder room should not be too far away, generally, 6 meters is better.

Powder spraying section

The key to this section is the skill of the duster.

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