How to Choose Custom Glass Jars For Candles

The airtightness and light transmittance of glass jars make them ideal containers for scented candles. Custom glass jars for candles will bring a high-end look and feel to your candle display, they help candle jars stand out on the counter.

Glass jars are a common container for candle packaging. Not only do these glass jars keep your scented candles fresh, but they also add a touch of elegance to your interior decor. Choose durable, high-quality glass jars that can easily hold scented candles. Thickened glass jars are heat resistant, which means the jar is less likely to crack while the candle is burning, allowing it to be used longer.

Custom Candle Jar Manufacturer

Custom Glass Jars For Candles

As a professional custom glass candle jar manufacturer, Yafu Glass provides heat-resistant thickened glass jars for candle making. We offer wide options of custom candle glass jars, including sizes, shapes, colors, finishes, labels, and lids. We can cater to your specific design requirements and branding needs for custom glass jars for candles.

The custom glass jars for candles are very delicate, and they are made of thickened glass. The empty glass candle jars wholesale are durable and can effectively prevent heat during candle use.

Custom Candle Jar Options

Here are some key features to consider when choosing custom glass jars for candle packaging:

Shape and Size

Square Clear Glass Candle Jars

Shape: Look for glass candle containers with unique shapes that highlight your scented candle’s branding and uniqueness. We have classic round jars, and square glass jars, and can produce specialized decorative glass candle jars upon special request.

Size: The glass jars for candle making come in various sizes to accommodate different capacities of scented candles. We have 4 Oz Candle Jars, 6 Oz Glass Candle Jars, 8 Oz Glass Jars For Candles, 10 Oz Candle Jars With Lids, 12 Oz Glass Jars For Candles, Glass Candle Jar 14 Oz, 16 Oz Glass Candle Jars With Lids Wholesale.

Colors of Custom Glass Candle Jars

Colors: Glass candle jars are available in a variety of colors, transparent, colored, gradient, etc. Glass jars of different colors have different visual experiences.

  • Clear glass candle jars better showcase the colors of your scented candles.
  • The blue glass jar adds a touch of rustic charm and vintage charm.
  • Green glass jars offer a fresh and vibrant alternative.
  • Amber glass candle jars exude a warm and earthy aesthetic, adding to the rustic feel.
  • Purple candle jars create a noble and sophisticated atmosphere.

Finish of Custom Glass Jars for Candles

Finish: Candle glass jars are available in a variety of finishes, smooth, frosted candle jars, striped candle jars, and embossed glass jars. Frosted candle jars combine elegance and functionality. Choose a style that suits your aesthetic preferences and enhances the overall look of your scented candle collection.

Frosted candle jars are widely loved by scented candle collectors. Frosted glass diffuses the candle’s light, creating a cozy atmosphere and adding a luxurious feel to the candle display.

Custom Logo and Lid

White Glass Candle Jar

Logo or label: Customize a logo or label for the glass candle jar to easily identify the scented candle inside. Labels help find your desired scent quickly and ensure efficient organization.

Airtight lids: Look for glass candle jars with lids to preserve the scent of your scented candles. We offer metal lids and wooden lids for glass jars, which can better seal the candle jar.


Yafu Glass is a trusted custom glass candle jar manufacturer. Our glass candle jar materials are of high quality to ensure their safety and durability. Our glass factory is located in Xuzhou and has sufficient production capacity to ensure that customized glass candle jar needs are effectively met. We have mature post-processing technology for customized glass candle jars, such as screen printing, etching, electroplating, spray painting, color spraying, or labeling.

We can turn your design ideas into reality and provide high-quality custom glass jars for candles. Working with a professional glass jar manufacturer will ensure your custom glass jars for candles stand out in the market, and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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