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Glass Candle Jars With Lids

Glass candle jars with lids are unique embossed glass jars. Glass jars are the best containers for making candles. Glass candle jars are reusable. Glass jars can also be used to store small items after the candles are used up.

Glass Candle Jars With Wooden Lids

Model Number: YF-GCH10

Material: Glass

Color: White, Red, Gray, Yellow, Purple

Shape: Cylinder

Lid: Wooden

Size: 9.1*13.5cm

Mason Jars For Candles Wholesale
Colored Glass Candle Jars with Lids Wholesale

We offer empty glass candle jars with wooden lids in many colors: White, Red, Gray, Yellow, and Purple. An elegant embossed glass container holds candles and adds a touch of sparkle to a living space. You can also use them to keep things organized. These unique stained glass containers are also ideal for decorating special events such as wedding decorations, parties, family gatherings, and more.

Glass Candle Jars With Lids Features

Orange Glass Candle Jar
Embossed Glass Candle Jar
  • Our candle glass jars are made of thickened crystal glass, polygonal design, and exquisite workmanship.
  • Our glass candle containers come with silicone reinforced wood lids to prevent air intrusion. This premium seal locks in the wax scent, while the wood lid doubles as a candle holder.
  • In addition to holding candles, these recyclable embossed glass candle jars with lids can also be used as decorative storage jars in living room bathrooms, kitchens, offices, jewelry glass jars, cosmetic brush jars, pen holders, etc.

Glass Candle Jars Wholesale

Wholesale Glass Candle Jars With Lids
Beautiful Candle Jars Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a glass jar manufacturer, we offer glass candle jars wholesale in different colors and sizes. Each glass jar can be fitted with a suitable lid, wooden or metal lid.

Colored glass candle jars come in elegant colors and beautifully embossed designs. Light a candle and a beautiful flash of color occur as the flame illuminates the delicate relief. This colorful printed glass candle jar can be used as a special gift for a loved one.

Glass candle jars are suitable for making loose candles, small candles, and flameless LED candles. The colorful glass candle jars with lids are leak-tight, they are great for storing sugar, candies, nuts, cookies, chocolates, trinkets and more.

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