Candle Holder With Glass Cover

The candle holder with glass cover is made of high-quality glass, which is durable, not easy to break, and has a long service life. The glass display cover has a top handle for easy movement. Glass jars with display lids are versatile and can be used as candle jars or flower pots.

Candle Jars Bulk Wholesale

Model Number: YF-GCH06

Volume: 250ml-450ml

Material: Glass

Shape: Cylinder

Color: Red, Green, Clear, Brown

Beautiful Candle Jar
Green Candle Jar

Glass base bell jars are available in 2 different sizes. We offer this glass candle jar in many colors. The windproof glass cover is used for a glass jar of a certain height, which can prevent the wind and make the candle atmosphere better and longer.

Candle Holder With Glass Cover Features

Red Glass Candle Holder
Colored Glass Candle Holders
  • This round glass candle holder with glass cover is exquisitely crafted and has a smooth finish.
  • The glass holder is a great way to display and protect the table surface, protecting candles from dust.
  • The mouth of the glass jar is smooth and flat, with smooth and sleek lines.
  • The base of the glass jar is thickened and non-slip, which is not easy to fall. The matt bottle is elegant and transparent.
  • It can be placed indoors and can add a little vitality and creativity to the home.

Glass Candle Jars With Lids Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a glass jars manufacturer, we have many styles of glass jars with lids for sale. Glass candle jars can be used as high-value ornaments to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Colored glass candle jars with lids are stylish and versatile accessories. Whether it is modern simplicity, simple European style, warm pastoral, or American country style, glass candle jars can be used as home decorations.

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