Striped Clear Glass Votive Holders

The clear glass votive holders feature a retro design with vertical stripes. The clear candle holder set consists of 3 candle holders of different sizes. The clear glass structure allows candlelight to create a beautiful, captivating glow.

Clear Glass Votive Holders

Model Number: YF-GCH22

Capacity: 175ml, 380ml, 300ml

Material: Glass

Shape: Round

Color: Clear

Size: 7.5*7.8cm, 10.5*7.8cm, 9*9cm

Striped Clear Glass Votive Holders Bulk
Clear Glass Candle Holders Wholesale

We have two different styles of vertical striped transparent glass candle holders. Each set consists of 3 candle holders of different sizes, 7.5*7.5*7.8cm, 10.5*10.5*7.8cm, and 9*9*9cm. These glass candle holder sets are suitable for scented candles, flameless LED lights, or tea candles.

Clear Glass Votive Holders Features

Clear Glass Candle Holders
Clear Glass Votive Holders Bulk
Clear Glass Votive Holders Wholesale
  • The candle container is made of high-quality thickened glass, and the bottle body has a transparent texture.
  • The mouth of the candle cup is rounded and has a large diameter for easy filling.
  • The thickened ribbed glass cup is heat-insulating and anti-scalding, making it more practical.
  • The bottom of the glass cup adopts anti-slip design, which is stable and durable.
  • The glass candle holder adopts simple design, complete specifications and wide range of uses.

Custom Glass Candle Holder Manufacturer

Clear Votive Candle Holders
Clear Candle Holders

Yafu Glass is a professional glass bottle jar manufacturer, we can customize glass candle holder sizes, colors, shapes, and fishes. We can also customize logos and labels for customers.

The vertical striped glass container adopts a thickened design, which can withstand the temperature of candle burning and is not easy to crack. The transparent bottle allows candlelight to shine through, creating a romantic and charming atmosphere.

These clear glass votive holders are a versatile and elegant addition to any scene. They are perfect whether placed on the table, on the fireplace, in the bedroom, or as a decoration in the living space.

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