Glass Fragrance Bottles

Empty Glass Fragrance Bottles with Spray Pump Lid material is Glass + Plastic Cap, the capacity includes 30ml and 50ml. We offer the square and round flat glass perfume bottles. The color includes black, transparent, or other custom colors. They are widely used in perfume packaging.

Perfume Glass Bottle

Model Number: YF-PGB03

Capacity: 30ml, 50ml

Shape: Square or Round

Color: Black, Transparent

Material: Glass+Plastic Cap

Surface Handling: Screen Printing

Custom Perfume Bottles
Empty Perfume Glass Bottle

Our glass fragrance bottles are made of durable thick glass. Each empty glass perfume bottle comes with a shiny metal fine mist sprayer and a stylish matching cap. Every detail has been meticulously handled.

Glass perfume bottles are more environmentally friendly than other similar plastic products. They can be reused after washing.

Round Perfume Bottle
Luxury Perfume Bottle

Glass Fragrance Bottles Features

  • High white glass material, thickened glass bottom, good texture.
  • Creative shape bottle design. Easy to carry, suitable for perfumes, essential oils.
  • The glass bottle mouth is sealed with a screw, the sealed performance is very good.
  • Equip with handsome metal cap and fine mist sprayer.
  • Empty glass fragrance bottles are large enough to be refilled.
Clear and Black Glass Fragrance Bottles
Glass Fragrance Bottles

Glass Fragrance Spray Bottles Supplier

We are the first choice in the high-end perfume and cosmetic bottle industry. We offer glass perfume bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our Perfume Glass Bottles have thick glass bases, which are the hallmark of our stock range. We also offer custom glass bottles.

Our empty perfume spray bottles are made of high-quality thick glass for durability. They’re perfect for storing perfume, cologne, aftershave, makeup remover, and more. The spout fits snugly around the mouth of the glass bottle, so don’t worry about it breaking or leaking.

Yafu Glass can help you customize the glass bottle, like bottle shape, capacity and finish, color options, bottom push-ups, and exterior trim. Contact us or state your requirements in the inquiry.

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