Glass Salad Bowl With Wooden Stand

The glass salad bowl with wooden stand is the perfect tableware for storing salads, fruits, vegetables, snacks, desserts, cakes, candies, and other foods. The large round bowl has a flat bottom, so the wooden base allows the glass bowl to sit very firmly on top.

Glass Bowl On Wooden Stand

Model Number: YF-GB01

Capacity: 800 ml, 1500ml, 2500ml

Material: Glass

Color: Clear, Gray, Amber

Shape: round

Bowl Size: 15*6.5cm, 18*9cm, 21.5*11cm

Large Glass Bowl with Wooden Stand
Glass Bowl With Wooden Stand

The glass salad bowl with wooden stand comes in three colors: clear, gray, and amber, each large bowl has three sizes, large, medium, and small. This modern serving bowl is made of thick and durable glass, the clear glass is perfect for displaying the contents.

Glass Salad Bowl With Wooden Stand Features

Glass Serving Bowl
Glass Serving Bowl With Wood Stand

The large glass salad bowl with wooden stand is clear and bright, and is most suitable for holding fruits and salads. The smooth surface not only brings out the beauty of the ingredients, but also brings colorful table collocations.

Three sizes of bamboo wood stand size match different glass bowls, so that the glass bowls will not fall off. There are two handles on the side of the wooden frame, so the glass serving bowl with wooden stand is easy to carry and can effectively save table space.

Glass Salad Bowls Wholesale

Decorative Glass Bowls
Glass Fruit Bowls

Yafu Glass is a professional glassware manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass salad bowls in different shapes. These glass serving bowls are extremely heat and blast-resistant, making them durable.

Our glass bowls are made of lead-free glass, which is healthier and safer for eating. The one-piece molding process makes the lines smoother, and the non-porous surface design is more intimate.

These large round glass salad bowls with wooden stand can be used as a fruit bowl or as an ice glass buckets to decorate your home life. We can entertain guests at birthdays, weddings, Christmas parties, and family gatherings.

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