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Glass Decanter with Ice Bucket

The glass decanter with ice bucket adopts a special shape and exquisite workmanship, which can better enhance the flavor of red wine. Conical decanter containers are placed inside round ice buckets to chill red wine.

Glass Wine Decanter with Ice Bucket

Model Number: YF-GWD09

Capacity: 1000ml

Material: Glass

Shape: Conical Decanter, Round Bucket

Color: Clear

Size: 11.5*29.5cm

The glass decanter with ice bucket can hold 1000ml wine. This decanter set includes a glass decanter and a glass ice bucket. The decanter features its unique cone design for a perfect spiral motion. Its neck is designed for a comfortable grip and perfect pour.

The round mouth of the jug ensures that the wine is poured without dripping or leaking, and no drop of fine wine is wasted. The high transparency of the glass bottle brings double enjoyment of vision and taste.

The decanter is a container for drinking newly fermented wine. Its function is to let the wine contact with the air, let the aroma of the wine fully evaporate, and separate the sediment in the wine. The spiral movement enables an oxidation process that improves the taste of the wine by releasing intense aromas.

Glass Decanter with Ice Bucket Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a professional glassware manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass decanters with ice buckets in different shapes and colors. The decanter with ice bucket is made of food-grade material and lead-free glass.

The glass decanter with ice bucket is simple and beautiful, and the inner tank is separated from the pot. The surface of the bottle body is smooth, safe and hygienic, and resistant to corrosion. The split glass decanter is easy to clean.

This wine decanter with ice chamber can also chill whiskey, champagne, liquor, rum, vodka, sake, beverages, juices and cocktails.

How to use a glass decanter with ice bucket? Fill the bucket with ice and place the decanter in it. Open the wine glass bottle, pour the wine into a decanter and let it cool. Turn the decanter in a spiral motion to pour the beverage into the glass cup and serve.

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