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Glass Roller Ball Bottles

Glass roller ball bottles are made of corrosion-resistant thick glass, smooth and impact-resistant, protecting essential oils from UV rays and breakdown. Empty glass roller bottles can be used for essential oils, perfumes, deodorants, aromatherapy cosmetics, sunscreens, moisturizers and more.

Roller Ball Glass Bottles

Model Number: YF-GR01

Material: Glass

Capacity: 30ml, 50ml

Color: Clear, Amber, Black

Shape: Flat

Size: 41mm*99mm, 47*115mm

The roll-on essential oil glass bottles are available in 30ml/1oz, 50ml/1.7oz capacities, and appropriate capacity can meet daily needs, very suitable for travel, going out, home use, office use.

The glass bottle is flat shape. We offer the cap in different colours: black, white and gold. A well-sealed screw cap prevents essential oils from leaking.

Glass Roller Ball Bottles for Essential Oil are thick, smooth, and shock-resistant. The rolling ball is made of plastic and has a good massage effect. The roller ball inside the glass bottle allows for easy and even application of essential oils without snagging or falling off.

Empety Glass Roller Ball Bottles Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a glassware manufacturer, we offer the flat Empty Glass Roller Ball Bottles in different sizes colors, such as Gold Roller Bottles, Frosted Glass Bottles For Essential Oils. The refillable glass container can be used for deodorant, sunscreen, moisturizer, essential oils and more.

The roller ball bottles body is made of glass, which has high hardness, corrosion resistance, durability and is not easy to deform. No matter what liquid is loaded, there will be no chemical corrosion reaction, which is quite safe.

How to fill empty glass roller bottles?

How do I remove the top to refill when the glass bottle runs out of essential oils? Is it popping from the whole top, or is it a rolling ball?

Just pop off the top that holds the ball, not just the ball itself.

Hold the glass roller ball bottle base with one hand, and with the other, grab the bottom of the plastic roller ball and push up and away. The plastic roller ball pops out without any problem. At this point the empty glass bottle can easily be filled with essential oils, deodorant or perfume.

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