What is the Best Container for Candles?

Choosing the best container for candles is a headache for most new candle makers. Candles are fairly easy to make. However, choosing the best container for candles can be difficult. When choosing a candle container, just follow the safety rules: non-flammable, airtight, and able to withstand high temperatures without bursting.

Colored glass candle vessels are probably the most popular type of candle container today. After the glass container is processed, it becomes very beautiful. To make a candle in glass jar, it needs to be thick, smooth, and able to withstand high temperatures.

Glass Container for Candles

Best Container for Candles

The most popular candle holder materials are glass, ceramic, and metal, as they are durable and protect the candle flame, and are available in a variety of finishes. Ceramic, metal will not shatter from the heat of the candle.

Glass Candle Holder

The thick glass jar is the best container for candles because they are non-porous, smooth, and thick enough to avoid cracking. Mason jars can take a lot of heat, so they’re a great choice. Thin glass breaks easily, so wine glasses and glass vases are not recommended.

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When choosing the right glass jar for your candle, you also need to be careful to avoid recycled glass and glass containers with air bubbles. These bubbles may look pretty, but they are thinner areas of the glass that are more susceptible to heat. Carefully inspect glass containers for joints, cracks, and leaks. This can all lead to broken jars and a mess.

Metal Candle Container

Metal candle containers are a great option for making candles. You can choose from many stylish designs and beautiful colors. Unlike glass containers, you can’t see the wax inside. They hide imperfections such as candle frosting and uneven pouring.

When using metal candle containers, be aware of their ability to absorb heat. You need to put a warning label on the candle to let people know not to touch it when it is hot as it may burn their hands.

Ceramic Candle Container

Ceramic jars are great for making candles! They’re durable, heat-resistant, and most are already sealed. If you are using a ceramic vessel or ceramic mug to make candles, make sure it does not have any cracks and is in good condition.

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