Glass Butter Dish

The glass butter dish comes with a lid that fits perfectly. Rectangular butter pans have a simple, beautiful look. It keeps butter for up to 7 days without spoilage or off-flavor.

Glass Butter Holder

Model Number: YF-BD01

Material: Glass

Color: clear

Shape: Rectangular

Size: 17.5*8*6.5cm

Weight: 615g

Antique Glass Butter Dish
Butter Glass Dish
Crystal Butter Dish With Lid

The transparent lid of the glass butter container can clearly see the state of the butter. The word “BUTTER” is engraved on the top, and the inside of the plate has a non-slip texture design to prevent the butter from sliding.

Clear Glass Butter Dish
Glass Butter Dish With Cover

Glass Butter Dish with Lid Features

  • Glass Butter Dish With Cover is made of durable glass and can hold a rectangular piece of butter.
  • Its walls are very thick, and Glass butter pans with lids are heavy.

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