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Yafu Glass water jugs have capacities from 1 gallon to 16 gallons. Glass water jugs are composed of different materials, soda-lime glass, and borosilicate glass. The important components of soda-lime glass are silicon dioxide, sodium oxide, and calcium oxide, which are suitable for cold water bottles.

Glass Water Jug and Cups

High borosilicate glass can withstand high temperatures and has a low coefficient of expansion. The high borosilicate glass kettle has a relatively high safety factor, and it will not burst even if it is suddenly cooled or heated, and its high-temperature resistance is particularly good.

At present, most electric kettles use high borosilicate glass, which has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, good corrosion resistance, and good stability. The high borosilicate glass kettle is not only smooth and transparent, but also exquisite in appearance.

Custom Borosilicate Glass Water Jugs

Glass Water Jugs Wholesale

The borosilicate glass water jugs are healthy. The high-temperature resistance, high chemical stability, and low expansion rate of high borosilicate glass water cups are particularly excellent, and they are widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, craft jewelry, drinking water containers, and other product industries.

Glass Water Jug and Cup Set

Moreover, high borosilicate does not contain toxic substances, and the high-temperature resistance and acid resistance of high borosilicate can make high borosilicate not precipitate harmful substances in daily drinking water use.

Insulation kettles with glass liners mostly use borosilicate glass. This type of glass has good high-temperature resistance and is relatively safe to use. Silver-plated glass liners can also use the principle of mirror reflection to reduce heat loss and improve heat preservation. The substance of the glass liner boiling water bottle is relatively stable, and will not leak impurities due to boiling water.

Yafu Glass is a professional glassware manufacturer, we offer borosilicate glass water jugs in different shapes and colors. Our glass water pitcher features a large curved handle with a natural shape for easy handling. With a light grip and a slight tilt, water can pour out of the spout.

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