Glass Coffee Kettle

The glass coffee kettle is made of borosilicate glass with a wavy cloud-shaped body. This premium glass coffee pot is designed for the popular pour-over brewing method, and it’s perfect for use with a pour-over coffee dripper. We have three capacities of this clear glass coffee teapot, 360ML, 600ML, and 800ML. There are scales on the glass jug for easy measurement.

Best Glass Tea Coffee Kettles

Model Number: YF-GJ08

Capacity: 360ml, 600ml, 800ml

Material: Glass

Color: Clear

Shape: Cloud Shape

Size: 11*10cm, 11.5*12cm, 12.5*13.5cm

Glass Kettle For Coffee
Glass Coffee Kettles

The high-quality glass coffee pot is lead-free and non-separated, healthy and environmentally friendly. The glass coffee kettle can withstand an instantaneous 180°C temperature difference. The clear glass coffee tea kettle can be easily heated on the stovetop or in the microwave. The clear glass jug is perfect for keeping warm or cold and can be used as a dripper holder.

Glass Coffee Kettle Features

Glass Coffee Kettle Lid
Clear Glass Coffee Kettles
  • The heat-resistant borosilicate glass coffee pitcher has a V-shaped design for a more elegant look.
  • The inner wavy outer wall facilitates the flow of water, and its vitreous body prevents heat loss. The glass handle is comfortable to hold and helps prevent scalding.
  • The cover is made of high-quality silicone sleeve, it fits the glass mouth and is easy to remove and clean.
  • The thickened glass bottom can be directly heated by an open flame without bursting.
Coffee Glass Kettle
Glass Coffee Kettle with Handle

Glass Coffee Kettles Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a professional manufacturer of glass products. We offer wholesale glass coffee kettles in different sizes. We have a complete and scientific quality management system. The product quality is strictly checked and controlled at every level. Our glass coffee kettles have won the favor of customers.

Our glass coffee pots are precision engineered for an attractive look and shape. The coffee pot is made of food-grade glass, high-quality transparent, thick-walled, and able to withstand temperature -20~150℃.

Glass coffee tea pots have a modern and elegant shape, perfect for homes, cafes, restaurants and offices. The glass jug with silicone lid keeps coffee or tea warm, and the glass coffee jug with anti-scald handle is dishwasher and microwave safe.

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