Glass Water Jug With Lid

The glass water jug with lid is made of lead-free borosilicate glass. This glass jug features an elegant gradient design, from dark blue at the bottom to crystal clear at the top. This blue glass jug can be used for water, cold/hot water, iced tea, juices, beverages and more.

Glass Water Jug With Lid

Model Number: YF-GJ05


Material: Glass

Color: Blue

Shape: Round

Size: 11.6*21.2cm

Blue Glass Pitcher and Cup
Glass Water Pitcher with Handle

This blue glass water jug with lid and handle has a capacity of 1550ml. Glass water jug with lid adopts an 8cm large diameter, which is more convenient to clean.

Glass Water Jug With Lid Features

Blue Glass Water Pitcher with Handle
Blue Glass Water Jug with Lid
  • The glass water pitcher is equipped with gold handle and silicone lid, it is perfect for holding enough beverages to serve friends and family. 
  • The lid is made of food-grade silicone, and the lid of the pouring kettle cannot be removed. No harmful fumes are produced when in contact with hot water.
  • The V-shaped spout of the glass water jug flows out smoothly, making it more convenient to pour.
  • The glass pitcher handle is translucent gold, like light agate, with a reasonable handle arc, making it more comfortable to hold.
Glass Kettle With Blue Light
Glass Water Pitcher with Lid

Glass Water Jugs Supplier

Yafu Glass is a glassware manufacturer, we offer 280ml glass cups with handles for this blue glass water jug. This borosilicate glass water jug with lid and glasses can withstand temperatures between -20°C and 130°C.

This set of glass jugs and mugs is perfect for home use. Glass water pitchers with lids are versatile and can be heated on the stovetop for water, hot tea, homemade beverages, and milk. Plus, they can be kept in the refrigerator and are great for cocktails, juices, cold brew coffee, and other beverages.

The design of this light blue water glass perfectly meets the pursuit of cool summer, from the color itself to its function, it is tailor-made for summer afternoon tea. Add two slices of lemon and a pinch of sugar to a glass water jug and you have the perfect summer tea.

Both the glass jug and glass cup have a wide mouth, making everything from filling to cleaning easy, and there will be no odor after cleaning.

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