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Glass Water Jug With Lid

Blue Glass Kettle

The glass water jug with lid is made of lead-free borosilicate glass. This glass jug features an elegant gradient design, from dark blue at the bottom to crystal clear at the top. This blue glass jug can be used for water, cold/hot water, iced tea, juices, beverages and more. This blue glass water jug with … Read more

Frosted Glass Water Bottle

Frosted Glass Water Bottles

Frosted Glass Water Bottle is made by surface treatment by mechanical frosting. Due to the rough surface of the frosted glass, the light can be diffusely reflected, so the overall appearance is not very transparent. The frosted glass is soft and not dazzling. Previous Next Frosted Glass Water Bottle with Lid Model Number: YF-GWB005 Capacity: … Read more

Glass Water Bottle With Straw

Glass Water Bottle With Straw

The glass water bottle with straw is very suitable for drinking beverages, water, etc. The clear cup allows you to clearly see the ingredients in the bottle. The material of high borosilicate glass is heat-resistant and high-temperature resistant.  Previous Next Glass Water Bottle With Straw and Lid Model Number: YF-GWB003 Capacity: 350ml, 400ml Color: Brown, Gray Material: Glass … Read more

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