Glass Water Bottle With Plastic Cover

This glass water bottle with plastic cover is made of food glass, the wall is delicate and meticulous, beautiful and durable. The glass body is designed in a gradient color, which is different. The plastic cover adopts a creative diamond segmentation shape, and is made of PP and PC material.

Pink Glass Water Bottle With Plastic Cover

Model Number: YF-GWB09

Capacity: 350ml

Color: White, Pink, Green

Material: Glass

Size: 5.5*23cm

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The glass water bottle has a 350ml capacity. It adopts a screw-sealed mouth, which is delicate and smooth, and it is easy to open the lid. The lid of the cup adopts a silicone gasket, which has a good sealing effect.

Glass Water Bottle With Plastic Cover Features

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Personalized Glass Water Bottle
  • Glass water bottle with plastic cover is made of glass and comes in a variety of colors. 
  • The mouth of the glass bottle is smooth, the texture is delicate, and it has a comfortable taste experience.
  • The bottom of the high borosilicate glass bottle adopts a thick base, which is baked at a high temperature of 620 ° C to uniformly enhance the hardness of the glass.
  • The plastic lid is anti-drop, high and low-temperature resistance, healthy, and hygienic without a peculiar smell.
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