Gemstone Energy Bottle

The gemstone energy bottle is made of borosilicate glass, suitable for hot or cold drinks, and easy to clean. The crystal energy water bottle contains a detachable natural crystal center and lid. We offer Gemstone Energy Bottle Wholesale in different caps ans colors.

Gemstone Energy Bottle

Model Number: YF-GWB13

Capacity: 530ml

Material: Glass

Cap: Stainless Steel Cap

Size: 6.5*24cm

Gemstone Energy Glass Water Bottle
Gemstone Energy Bottles

This crystal energy water bottle has a capacity of 530ml, and both ends of the glass water bottle can be opened. The stainless steel base can be installed with energy columns of various colors. The natural crystal is rich in minerals, it can provide trace minerals to the body.

Stainless steel cover with handle is easy to carry. The black sleeve of glass water bottle protects the glass bottle and prevents burns to your hands.

Gemstone Energy Bottle Features

Gemstone Energy Water Bottle
Pink Gemstone Energy Bottle

The glass water bottle with gem energy column is made of high borosilicate glass. Different combinations of gem energy columns are used to convert ordinary drinking water into gem energy water. Drinks such as hot tea and wine can also pass through the gem energy column to achieve the effect of upgrading the taste.

The unique gemstone energy bottle features a crystal-clear bottle design with dazzling gems. The gemstone energy column rejuvenates the water and can provide trace minerals to the body. This unique gemstone glass bottle is a great choice even as a collection and decoration.

Gemstone Energy in Glass Water Bottle

Crystal Energy Water Bottles

Add different types of crystals to lead-free glass water bottles, and different colors and types of crystals can have different effects.

  • White crystal maintains health, balances personal and physical functions, helps the wearer’s emotional stability, calms nerves, and is of great help to human health. White crystals can also help improve memory.
  • Obsidians can avoid the interference of negative energy, eliminate diseases, and bring people a healthy, happy and normal life.
  • Pink crystal is also a love gem, which can enhance feelings and lead to a happy marriage. Amethyst can develop human wisdom and beautify the skin.
  • Yellow crystals can regulate people’s magnetic fields, soothe people’s emotions, enhance their immunity, and relieve aging.

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