Flat Glass Water Bottle

The flat glass water bottle features a flamingo cute design, the printing is firm and not easy to fade, and it is durable. It is a great gift for family or friends, perfect for holding milk, juice, hot water, and other beverages.

Flamingo Battern Glass Water Bottle

Model Number: YF-GWB008

Capacity: 400ml

Color: Transparent

Shape: Flat gourd shape

Material: Glass

Flat Glass Water Bottles
Glass Flat Water Bottles

We have printed four different flamingo designs on the flat water glass bottles, including a white flamingo, a pink flamingo, three pink flamingos, and a flock of pink flamingos. This flat water glass bottle with a flamingo pattern is heat resistant and suitable for everyday use.

Flat Glass Water Bottle with Flamingo Features

Pink Flamingo Glass Water Bottle
Glass Flat Water Bottles
  • The flat glass water bottle is made of high borosilicate glass, the glass bottle has a flat mouth, and the bottom is stable and non-slip.
  • The small mouth glass is equipped with a screw plastic lid, and the lid has a rope handle for easy portability.
  • Plastic bottle cap with silicone ring can prevent water leakage.
  • The plastic cap and the glass bottle are connected by a pink string for easy portability.
  • The glass surface is smooth, impurities are not easy to adhere, and it is easy to clean.
Glass Water Bottle with Flamingo Pattern
Flat Glass Bottle with Flamingo Pattern

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