Glass Tea Infuser Bottle

The glass tea infuser bottle is made of high quality borosilicate glass. This glass water bottle with tea infuser adopts a separate bottle body, the tea leaves and water bottle are separated, which can filter the tea leaves and impurities and prevent the tea water from flowing back. The water bottle is insulated with double-glazed glass and can hold hot and cold liquids.

Glass Water Bottle With Tea Infuser

Model Number: YF-GWB10

Capacity: 380ml

Material: Glass

Size: 7.8*20.5cm

Tea Infuser Glass Water Bottle

This double wall glass water bottle is used for making tea and sparkling fruit juices. The classic glass drinking bottle can easily be turned into a tea or fruit infuser in a short time to enjoy freshly brewed tea or sparkling juice. No tea or fruit residue is left in the drink.

Best Glass Tea Infuser Bottle
Double Walled Tea Infuser Bottle

Making tea in a glass bottle is easy. Place the tea leaves in the glass tea jar and turn the cup upside down. Tea leaves are used many times. If you don’t like strong tea, you can drink it for a short time.

Glass Tea Infuser Bottle Features

Tea Infuser Glass Water Bottle
Double Wall Glass Water Bottle
  • Double wall tea bottle is small and easy to carry. The wooden screw interface is sealed with a silicone ring, which is not leaking when inverted.
  • Double wall glass bottle with tea infuser adopts food-grade borosilicate glass liner and tea tank, 304 stainless steel filter, safe and healthy. 
  • The glass tea bottle is easy to clean and has a strong thermal insulation function.

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