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Best Glass Water Bottle

The Best Glass Water Bottle is made of high-quality glass material, which is resistant to high temperature and wears, and has a longer service life. This kind of good-looking glass bottle has a frosted body on the outside, which is very comfortable to touch. 

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Model Number: YF-GWB002

Capacity: 380ml

Color: Pink, Clear, Green, Blue

Shape: Round

Material: Glass

Lid: plastic

Gradient frosted glass bottle is simple and generous, stylish and practical, comfortable to hold and non-slip. The best glass water bottle holds 380ml of liquid for daily hydration needs.

The frosted glass water bottle can hold a variety of drinks, make a cup of fruit tea or fruit juice, it looks especially seductive.

Best Glass Water Bottle 2022
Glass Water Bottle Personalised

Best Glass Water Bottle Features

The cute glass bottle has a large capacity, no odor, and is super convenient to use. 

The appearance design is very fashionable, beautiful and practical, and a trendy cup with high cost performance. Featuring a cute text design with gradients.

High temperature resistance, anti-scalding. Silicone handle strap for easy carrying.

Frosted glass, food grade glass material. No smell, no water leakage.

Frosted Glass Water Bottle
Pink Glass Water Bottle

Glass Water Bottles Supplier

Yafu Glass is one of best glass water bottles suppliers, we offer wholesale water bottles in different colors and capacties. We also can custom logo or color for glass water bottles.

The drinking bottle is made of high-quality borosilicate glass that can withstand hot or cold drinks. The fully airtight lid keeps your drinks fresher for longer. They’re great for fresh-squeezed juice, coffee, and milk.

Best Colored Glass Water Bottles
Best Frosted Glass Water Bottles

The glass bottle has a wide mouth for quick and easy filling of beverages and ice, and is also easy to clean. The bottle cap has a built-in silicone ring to prevent water leakage. The soft handle makes it easy to carry, perfect for sports, hiking, and school.

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