Glass Storage Bottles With Lids

Glass storage bottles with lids feature a vertical stripe pattern. The round glass jars are available in volumes: 650ml, 1000ml, 1400ml, 1750ml, and 2100ml. The glass food storage jar lid is made of natural bamboo wood, there is a unique metal handle on the lid for easy opening.

Glass Storage Bottles With Lids Wholesale

Model Number: YF-GJ09

Capacity: 650ml, 1000ml, 1400ml, 1750ml, 2100ml

Material: Glass

Shape: Round

Pattern: Vertical Stripe

Lid: Bamboo lid

Glass Storage Bottles With Handles
Striped Glass Storage Jars With Lids

This glass storage jar with vertical stripes is not only durable but also very beautiful. The airtight design keeps food fresher for longer. This round glass jar is perfect for storing and displaying coffee beans, chocolate, tea, candy, whole grains and more.

Glass Storage Bottles With Lids Features​

Vertical Striped Round Glass Bottles with Lids
Vertical Striped Glass Jar
  • Glass airtight jars with lids are made of food-grade borosilicate glass, lead-free and non-toxic.
  • Each glass jar is sealed with a silicone ring around the bamboo wood lid, creating a moisture-proof environment to keep food dry and fresh.
  • This clear glass jar has a wide mouth for easy food storage and cleaning.
  • Each bamboo lid has a beautiful metal pull tab for easy opening.
  • Round glass storage bottles with lids hold flour, sugar, rice, grains, grains, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee, tea, and more.

Glass Food Storage Jars Wholesale

Glass Jars Wholesale
Glass Food Storage Bottles With Lids

Yafu Glass is a glass bottles and glass jars manufacturer, we supply a wide range of styles of glass bottles with different types of lids. These glass jars are perfect for use in the kitchen, and stacking them together saves space. Transparent glass can clearly see the items inside.

This versatile glass jar set not only helps with kitchen storage, but also serves as a retro-chic piece of decor that perfectly graces any countertop. The airtight glass containers use food-grade silicone seals to prevent moisture and dirt from the air, making food last longer.

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