Glass Pumpkin Jar With Lid

This food storage jar is a clear glass pumpkin jar with lid. Pumpkin glass jars have a clean curved striped look that refracts the color of objects inside. They can store loose items and keep the space clean, great for storing coffee beans, grains, flour, spices, candy, cookies, nuts, tea, honey, jams, powders and some snacks.

Pumpkin Candy Jar

Model Number: YF-GJ12

Capacity: 750ml, 1300ml, 1900ml, 2800ml

Shape: Pumpkin Shape

Material: Glass

Color: Clear

Lid: Glass Sealing Cover

Clear Glass Pumpkin Shape Jar With Lid
Glass Pumpkin Jars Wholesale

We have glass pumpkin jars with lids in various capacities: 750ml, 1300ml, 1900ml, and 2800ml. They are the perfect glass storage containers for the pantry. High-quality airtight lids keep moisture, mold, dust, and other contaminants out, keeping food fresh.

Glass Pumpkin Jar With Lid Features

Clear Pumpkin Shape Candy Jar
Clear Glass Pumpkin Jar With Lid
  • The glass pumpkin jar with lid has a wide mouth for easy storage of food.
  • The glass lid with a sealing ring can better isolate the air, create a closed environment, keep the food dry, and better preserve the food.

Glass Storage Containers With Lids Manufacturer

Glass Pumpkin Candy Jar
Clear Pumpkin Candy Jar

Yafu Glass is a glass pumpkin jar with lid manufacturer, we offer glass food storage jars with lids in different shapes. We have Square Glass Containers With Lids, Glass Jar With Bamboo Lid, Glass Jar With Cork Lid, and other Glass Containers Wholesale.

Glass airtight jars with lids not only store food but also pickle pickles. Glass kitchen storage jars with lids are made of high-quality clear glass, so that their contents can be clearly seen. These glass jars come with matching airtight lids, making them both practical and attractive.

These versatile glass jars can make a kitchen clean and bright. These glass storage containers with lids are much more convenient than mason jars, just lift the lid, no need to twist. These large glass jars can store rice, dried beans, cookies, candy, and more. The wide opening makes it easy for people to take food.

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