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Square Mason Jars

The square mason jars with metal lids are the best glass jars for food storage. We have glass storage jars in different capacities: 800ml Small Mason Jars, 1200ml, 1500ml, and 2000ml Large Mason Jars.

Mason Jars For Sale

Model Number: YF-SMJ01

Capacity: 800ml, 1200ml, 1500ml, 2000ml

Color: Clear

Shape: Square

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Usage: Beans, Candy, Rice

Each Mason Jar is made of high-quality glass. Lead-free, durable, and safe for food contact. Glass jars are dishwasher safe. Clear glass jars are stain-resistant, non-porous, bacteria-free, and even odors won’t seep into the glass container.

The clear glass body allows you to easily check what’s inside. The wide mouth facilitates the entry and exit of food and is easy to operate. The gold-tone lid provides a tight seal, keeping your favorites and foods fresh and dry at all times. Stable wide glass bottom provides stability and slip resistance.

The glass jar with golden lid is made of high-quality thick glass for a durable quality. Wide-mouth mason jars block harmful UV rays, and airtight lids ensure freshness and help preserve the aroma and nutrients of foods and spices.

These airtight kitchen jars are specially designed to be packed in different heights for a variety of uses. The small glass spice jars are the perfect size for storing puddings, milk, jams, candies, honey, other small desserts, and more.

Square Mason Jars Wholesale

We offer wholesale square mason jars in differnet sizes. Each glass storage jar comes with an airtight metal lid to prevent leaks and keep the contents fresh. Clear glass displays content beautifully.

Our glass square mason jars are stackable to save space, and the airtight metal lids keep the food inside dry and fresh for longer. Square glass jars save space, are easy to hold, and are perfect for home kitchen storage.

Line your counter with glass storage containers, they hold any kind of dry ingredients and are perfect for organizing your kitchen. Airtight glass mason jars are suitable for fermenting, canning pickles, peppers, jams, jellies, ketchup, spices, honey, salad fruits, yogurt, granola, snacks, parfait, smoothies, candy, nuts, cookies.

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