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Glass Jar With Vacuum Lid

Glass jar with vacuum lid is very sturdy and made of borosilicate, The lid is made of plastic. Press the button on the cap, which can seal the jar. This round glass jar is perfect for coffee beans, grains, candy, snacks, herbs, fruit, and more.

Glass Jars With Vacuum Lids

Model Number: YF-GSJ10

Capacity: 400ml, 800ml, 1200ml

Material: Glass

Color: Transparent

Lid: Vacuum Lid

Glass jars with vacuum lids can store food in a vacuum environment, effectively inhibit bacterial production, delay food oxidation, and thus play a role in keeping food fresh.

Pressing the big white button draws air out of the bottle, keeping the contents of the jar in a vacuum. Press the small white button to restore the air inside, making it easy to open the cap.

Glass Jar With Vacuum Lid Supplier

Yafu Glass is a manufacturer of glass jars, we offer food storage jars and lids in various sizes.

Glass jars with lids can be stacked on top of each other, which is not easy to shake and saves kitchen space. Transparent glass jars can be clearly classified, and can hold coffee beans, food, bread, dried fruits, multigrain nuts, spice, snacks, etc.

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