300ml Colorful Glass Mug With Handle

The 300ml colorful glass mug with handle has a creative luxury pearl handle, and the glasses come in a variety of color options. The glass is made of creative stripes, which is more beautiful, and the large round handle is comfortable to hold and has an excellent appearance.

Glass Mug With Handle

Model Number: YF-GC030

Capacity: 300ml

Color: Clear, Amber

Material: Glass

Shape: Round

Size: 7.6*8.7cm

Amber Glass Mug With Handle
Clear Glass Mug With Handle

The 300ml capacity colorful glass mug with handle can meet daily drinking needs. The creative striped cup body is simple and elegant, with excellent appearance. The large pearl handle is comfortable to hold and makes the glass more beautiful.

Glass Mug With Handle Features

Glass Coffee Mug With Handle
  • The rim of the glass is round, delicate, smooth and flawless.
  • The bottom of the glass is thick, durable, stable and non-slip.
  • The glass body is designed with vertical stripes, giving it a luxurious texture and durability.
  • Colored glass cups have a crystal-clear appearance, and we have a variety of color options to satisfy your pursuit of color.
30ml Colorful Glass Mugs With Handles
Glass Mugs With Handles

Custom Glass Mugs With Handles

Yafu Glass is a company that produces, processes, and sells glass products wholesale. We produce various styles of glass cups, double-walled glasses, glass thermos cups, advertising cups, gift cups, etc.

We support customized production to provide people with high-quality, hygienic and environmentally friendly glass containers. We can spray colors, hot stamping, screen printing, frosting, electroplating, labeling on glass cups, etc. according to customer requirements.

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