Colored Glass Cups

The colored glass cups feature an embossed pattern that adds sophistication to the wine, like a stunning work of art. The classic colored glass goblets have a European retro style. These colorful water tumblers are made of high quality glass, the color will not peel or fade from the glass after use.

Red Colored Wine Glasses

Model Number: YF-GC023

Capacity: 200ml

Color: Red, Blue, Green

Material: Glass

Shape: Round

Size: 8.6*16.6cm

Colored Wine Glasses With Stems
Colored Stemless Wine Glasses

We have these vintage embossed glasses in a variety of shapes: Tall Wine Glasses and Colored Wine Glasses Without Stems. The beautifully embossed wine glass is impressive and comfortable to hold. Elegant vintage design and beautiful colors make these wine glasses unique for any occasion.

Colored Glass Cups Features

Colored Glass Cups
Colored Wine Glasses
  • These embossed coloured glass cups feature colorful and sophisticated styling.
  • The elegant glass body lines make the glass cup comfortable to hold.
  • The bottom of colored glasses is thickened for more stability.
  • The texture of the glass has a three-dimensional design with a concave and convex aesthetic.
  • The three-dimensional texture makes each colored glass cups reflect colorful light on the dining table, and look like a craft container.

Custom Wine Glasses Manufacturer

Colored Glass Goblets
Colored Goblets

Yafu Glass is a professional glass cup manufacturer, we offer wholesale colored glass cups in different colors and embossed patterns. Our tumblers are made from lead-free glass that does not contain the harmful heavy metals lead and barium. High-quality glass makes them healthy and durable for daily use.

Colored Water Goblets Bulk
Vintage Colored Wine Glasses

The stained glass cup is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. The stained glass material is colorfast and the non-slip base ensures stability. The elegant colored glass goblets make drinking more enjoyable, they are perfect for any beverage, such as red wine, cocktails, juices, beer, whiskey, ice water, and more.

This set of colorful vintage wine glasses makes a great gift for birthdays, housewarmings, anniversaries, wedding parties, and more. Elegant wine glasses are suitable for everyday use and entertaining your guests.

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