Frosted Glass Candle Jars With Lids

Frosted glass candle jars with lids come in a variety of capacities: 215ml and 315ml. They are able to hold a variety of candle types including soy wax, beeswax, and paraffin.

Pink Frosted Glass Candle Jars

Model Number: YF-GCH16

Material: Glass

Shape: Round

Color: Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Amber

Size: 7*8.4cm, 8*9cm

Colored Candle Jars with Lids
Colored Candle Jars

We have frosted glass candle jars with lids in a variety of colors to choose from. Different lids are available: bamboo lid, wooden lid, gold/silver/rose gold/black metal lid.

Frosted Glass Candle Jars With Lids Wholesale

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Frosted Colored Glass Candle Jars

Frosted candle jars are made of safety standard certified thick glass with a frosted finish, and they come in colors like pink, purple, white, blue, green, brown, and more.

Empty glass candle jars are reusable. After the candles are used up, the glass jars can also be used to store crafts and other small items.

Empty Matte Candle Jars Bulk
Frosted Glass Candle Jars With Lids

Glass candle jars with lids are versatile for DIY candles, tea light candles, and flameless LED candles. They can also be used as containers for accessories, jewelry, crafts, and other small items.

The candle creates a soft and elegant ambiance when burning in a frosted glass jar. The frosted finish diffuses the light, giving the candle a warm and inviting glow. This makes them ideal for creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in any room or setting.

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