Glass Mushroom Cup

The glass mushroom cup is made of lead-free premium glass and is highly transparent. This clear glass is suitable for any drink, wine, water, cocktails, lemonade, or juice. They are lightweight and comfortable to hold.

Clear Glass Mushroom Cup

Model Number: YF-GC014

Capacity: 260ml

Color: Clear

Material: Glass

Shape: Mushroom Shaped

Size: 5*13cm

Mushroom Glass Cup for Wine
Mushroom Glass Cup for Juice

The glass cup is designed with a creative mushroom shape, it can hold 280ml cocktails. Pour different colored beverages into mushroom glasses, such as cocktails, cola, champagne, lemonade, juice, water, etc. Clear glass mushroom cups can show beautiful liquid colors.

This glass mushroom cup can be used in many places, such as restaurants, cafes, bars, KTV, hotels, banquets, weddings, engagements, etc.

Juice Mushroom Glass Cup
Champagne Cocktail Mushroom Glass Cup

Glass Mushroom Cup Features

  • The exquisite shape is very attractive and can bring more novel and interesting experiences and happiness.
  • The mushroom cocktail glass cup is made of borosilicate glass. 
  • The bottom is thickened for stable placement. The handle is long enough for easy holding. 
  • The smooth glass mouth is convenient for drinking, and it can also be paired with a glass straw.
Mushroom Shape Glass Cup
Mushroom Glass Beer Cup

Custom Glass Cups Supplier

Yafu Glass is a glassware manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass cups in different sizes. This is a beautiful cocktail glass, these red wine glasses are hand-blown using traditional methods. The wide sides are carefully cut and polished.

Our drinking glass cups are made of lead-free high-quality glass, which is thick and durable. The novel shape makes the wine glass stand out. This high-quality lead-free wine glass goblet will not change the purity of the drink, it is most suitable for entertaining guests, but it will make the drink more appealing.

The tall stemmed glasses are easy to hold, and the elongated bottom allows the champagne to pass through, keeping it carbonated by minimizing the surface area of the bubbles. This mushroom glass is perfect for red or white wine, juices, and more.

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