Red Wine Glass Bottles

The capacity of red wine glass bottles is 750ml, we offer glass wine bottles in different colors, such as Blue Glass Wine Bottle, Black Glass Wine Bottle, Green Glass Wine Bottle, Amber Wine Bottle, and Frosted Wine Bottle. The red wine glass bottles are suitable for many kinds of bottle caps, such as cork stoppers, shrink caps, and wooden stoppers.

Red Wine Glass Bottles

Model Number: YF-WB02

Capacity: 750ml

Color: Blue, Black, Green, Amber

Shape: Round

Material: Glass

The main reason for keeping wine in dark glass bottles is to prevent the wine from oxidizing. A little oxygen is good for wine because it promotes fermentation.

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Red Wine Glass Bottle Features

  • This is the most common wine bottle, with a cylindrical body and high shoulders, and comes in a variety of colors. 
  • Usually brown or dark green for red and white wine, transparent for dessert wine. 
  • This glass wine bottle is the easiest to bottle, store and transport, and it is also widely preferred by wineries.
  • This bottle-shaped glass bottle is widely used in various wines, mainly red and white wines from Bordeaux.

Red Wine Glass Bottles Wholesale

Glass Wine Bottles Wholesale
Red Wine Bottle And Glass

Yafu Glass is a glass bottle manufacturer, we offer and wholesale red wine glass bottles in different shapes and sizes. We also offer different glass bottle caps, and customize the logo or label on the bottle for the customer.

When a glass wine bottle is used as a red wine packaging container, there is no leachable from the container material due to its chemical stability. Compared with other containers, the safety of red wine is greatly guaranteed, which is very important for glass bottles to be superior to other containers.

Whether it’s beer, liquor, or wine, glass wine bottles are guaranteed to be completely sealed. The red wine glass bottles can prevent the volatilization of the wine in the bottle, and also prevent the influence of the outside air on the wine.

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