Square Glass Candle Jars

Square glass candle jars are made of thick glass that can withstand heat. They have a smooth and thickened surface that prevents glass from breaking. Square candle containers are used to hold and display candles and can be used in a variety of situations including at home, at events, or as gifts. The square glass candle jars add a touch of romance to a room and make it more beautiful.

Square Glass Candle Jars Wholesale

Model Number: YF-GCH17

Material: Glass

Shape: Square

Color: Clear

Size: 5.5*6cm, 7.5*8cm, 9.3*10cm, 10.5*11.5cm

Square Clear Glass Candle Jars
Square Glass Candle Holders

We have four sizes of square clear glass candle jars. Our glass candle jars are thick enough to withstand the heat generated by candles. Square glass candle jars also provide a stunning view of burning candles.

Square Glass Containers For Candles

Square Glass Candle Jars Features

  • Our clear glass square candle jars have a simple, elegant, and modern look. They serve as glass vases and centerpieces for tablescapes. 
  • The square glass jar features a wide mouth for easy pouring and handling of candles. The flat base ensures stability. 
  • Various sizes of glass jars are available to accommodate different-sized candles.
  • Durable and heat-resistant empty square candle containers feature thick walls and a heavy-duty base, they create a sturdy container for your candle creations.

Custom Square Glass Candle Jars

Square Colored Glass Candle Jars
Square Candle Jars

Yafu Glass wholesale offers unique square glass candle jars and containers. We also provide customers with unique candle jar customization and one-stop service. We can customize the size, shape, finish, and capacity of the candle jars.

These square glass candle containers can also be decorated or labeled to add a personal touch. Square glass candle jar wholesale is a popular choice for candle making due to its sleek and modern appearance. Apart from clear candle holders, we also offer wholesale colored glass candle jars such as red, blue, gold, frosted, grey, brown, orange, purple, amber, and black glass candle jars.

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