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Clear Perfume Bottle

The clear perfume bottle has an oval shape. The capacity is 30ml. The material is glass + plastic cover. The seal is a pump sprayer type. The slender neck is elegant and charming, and it is surrounded by a golden scarf for a week, and the perfect curve is even more noble.

Clear Perfume Bottle with Oval Shape


Model Number: YF-PGB12

Capacity: 30ml

Shape: Oval

Material: Glass+Plastic Cap

Surface Handling: Screen Printing

Sealing Type: PUMP SPRAYER

30ml Clear Perfume Bottle
Oval Shape Perfume Bottle

Clear Perfume Bottle Features​

  • Delicate transparent bottle. The structure is novel and the decoration effect is good.
  • Special bottle for perfume packaging, thickened bottle body design.
  • Glass contents are not afraid of deterioration.
  • Ultra-fine mist nozzle, the water mist is meticulous.
Clear Perfume Bottle
30ml Clear Perfume Bottle with Oval Shape

Yafu Glass offers the glass bottles for cosmetic packaging. Glass is the most suitable for holding perfume. It will not have any chemical effect on the liquid to cause the fragrance to change. Its bottle cap is denser, which is good for locking the smell.

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