100ml 200ml Unique Reed Diffuser Bottles

The unique reed diffuser bottles adopt a spherical design and are made of thickened glass, which is durable and not easy to deform. We have empty spherical glass bottles with lids in two capacities: 100ml and 200ml.

Unique Reed Diffuser Bottles

Model Number: YF-DB19

Capacity: 100ml, 200ml

Material: Glass

Shape: Spherical

Size: 7.2*8.8cm, 9.3*10.4cm

Spherical Unique Reed Diffuser Bottles
Unique Glass Diffuser Bottles

The unique reed diffuser bottles have two mouth designs, flat moth and screw mouth. We offer a variety of lid styles, including metal screw caps, T-stoppers, and clear stoppers.

These empty diffuser bottles can be filled with essential oils to freshen the air, and the scent will be diffused through the reed sticks. They can also be used as perfume bottles and decorative vases.

Unique Reed Diffuser Bottles Features

Unique Reed Diffuser Bottle with Stopper
Reed Diffuser Bottle Caps
Unique Glass Diffuser Bottles for Sale
  • The transparent glass bottle design makes it easy to observe the liquid content inside.
  • The unique spherical shape and engraved texture of the glass diffuser bottle make it very attractive.
  • The thickened glass bottom has a non-slip texture, making it stable and difficult to tip over.
  • The caps of reed diffuser bottles reduce liquid contact with air and keep essential oils clean.

Custom Glass Diffuser Bottles

Unique Glass Reed Diffuser Bottles
Unique Reed Diffuser Bottles with Caps

Yafu Glass is a professional glass bottle manufacturer, we have glass reed diffuser bottles in a variety of styles and sizes. We can also customize the color, finish and caps of our glass bottles. We can also customize logos and labels on bottles according to customer needs.

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