Hexagonal Wine Glasses

Hexagonal wine glasses feature a stemless design, and the thick base and straight sides make these glasses stronger than round glasses. Stemless hexagonal glass looks and feels like a weighted diamond. Each stemless wine glass holds 300ml of liquid.

Hexagonal Wine Glass Cup

Model Number: YF-GC024

Capacity: 300ml

Color: Clear, Color

Material: Glass

Shape: hexagon

Size: 6.3*9.3cm

Hexagonal Colored Wine Glass Cup
Hexagon Color Glass Cups

The hexagonal wine glasses feature a weighted base combined with a hexagonal shape to create a balanced glass. Even if the cup is tilted, it will not overflow. The transparent gold-rimmed hexagonal glass is a sight to behold.

Hexagonal Wine Glasses Features

Hexagon Wine Glasses
  • These hexagon-shaped clear drinking glasses have rounded smooth edges that provide a polished sipping surface.
  • The modern and unique design allows your wine to breathe while pouring and swirling inside the glass.
  • The clear wine glass has maximum clarity and brightness. The diamond-like glass sparkles beautifully in the light, providing a superior experience. 
  • This stemless glass wine glass set is perfect for wine, whiskey, rum, scotch, cold water, cocktails, spirits, juice, beer, soft drinks, and more.
Hexagonal Wine Glasses
Hexagonal Wine Glass Cups

Colored Hexagonal Glass Cups Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a professional glassware manufacturer, we offer these hexagonal wine glasses in different colors. The geometric design adds visual beauty to the glass, and the smooth and round mouth gives you a better tasting experience. Color glass wine cup shows a perfect color rainbow under the light, making your whiskey more attractive.

The colorful hexagonal glass has a gradient effect after filling the water, and it is more gorgeous under the light and shadow. Present different visual effects at different angles. Looking down from the mouth of the cup, the water is colorful, gradually changing from deep to shallow.

The thickened bottom is more stable and heat-resistant. The novel hexagonal design provides a certain tilt angle for a unique drinking enjoyment. The modern wine glass is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. These unique whiskey glasses hold a variety of liquids, ice water, hot water, and all kinds of wine, and are a great addition to the home and bar.

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