Glass Cup With Handle

The glass cup with handle is made of high-quality glass material in perfect Turkish style. The glass cup with handle is narrow in the middle and wide at both ends. This glass mug with handle is available in two styles, it has a sleek design and lines, making it the ideal container for coffee, tea, juices, and soft drinks.

Clear Glass Cups With Handles

Model Number: YF-GC002

Capacity: 140ml, 150ml

Material: Glass

Color: Clear

Shape: Round

Size: 8.3*8.5cm, 6.6*8.5cm

Glass Cup With Handle
Crystal Glass Cups

Clear glass mugs with handles feature sturdy construction and a creative design. The pattern on the glass pan echoes the pattern on the glass mug. Crystal clear structure for excellent content visibility. The engraved texture on the surface of the glass cup makes it unique and beautiful.

Glass Cup With Handle Supplier

Turkish style Glass Mug with Handle
Round Glass Cup

Yafu Glass is a glassware manufacturer, we offer a variety of styles of glass cups in bulk. The glass coffee mug with handle is made of lead-free glass.

The transparent glass cup body is as natural and clear as crystal. The thickened design of the glass keep cup body can withstand high temperature, and the boiling water can also be poured directly, both hot and cold.

The workmanship of the custom glass cup mouth is delicate and round, without burrs, and it is smooth. Beer glass cups are perfect for cappuccino mugs, hot chocolate, milk, coffee mugs, breakfast tea mugs, espresso mugs, latte mugs.

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